Firstly, and most importantly: as much as we would love to welcome and serve you PLEASE DO NOT visit us if:

  • You or any member of your household has any symptoms
    (high temperature, coughs, loss of smell / taste etc.)
  • You or anybody within your household (or anyone you have been in contact with) is self-isolating

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we must prioritise the safety of our customers and staff. 

The layout of our Tea Room allows us to utilise all our tables, however, there are certain procedures we kindly ask you to follow from your arrival to your departure:

  1. Upon arrival, you may be asked to queue (with or without a reservation) while other customers leave, and we clean and disinfect your seating area. Please be patient. You may be asked to wait outside on Church Street, as our staircase is too narrow to accommodate traffic in both directions. 

  2. When we are ready to welcome you, we will greet you and you may wish to:
    • Use our hand sanitisers
    • Voluntarily check-in by scanning our QR code using the NHS COVID-19 app. Any customers unable to utilise this service may ask us to do the check-in by taking their contact details (such as surname and telephone number). These are the track & trace details that in such case we will keep on file for 21 days, before we destroy them.
    • Before getting seated and since we do understand our cakes, pastries and bakery goods are best chosen if seen, visit our counter display to choose whatever takes your fancy…

  3. Once seated:
    • Orders will be taken and served at the table by our serving team.
    • When finished we will go to you to take payment. We prefer contactless these days, if possible.

While you are inside, feel free to keep or put your face covering on. We also ask you to minimise contact with any surfaces in the common areas.  The toilet is located on the second floor, and we ask you to be considerate and avoid queuing in the stairwell and on the corridors. Adhere to the one in / one out policy and make sure you use the hand sanitising station provided there both ways. 

We are doing our utmost to provide a COVID-19 safe environment by sanitising tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, menus – anything other customers may touch. We are also paying extra attention to our team, so that they handle everything hygienically, with special care. We may wear our own compulsory PPE kits, please feel free to wear yours (gloves, visors etc.) if it makes you feel more secure.

We thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation.
In the meantime, we’d love to see you, but be kind and keep the above in mind.
Remember – we are (still) all in this together!