Meetings & Venue Hire

Small Business Meetings / One-to-Ones
Bored of having your business meetings in an office environment? Need to talk to a few of your colleagues in a peaceful, more intimate environment? Perhaps you need a change of atmosphere for creativity or a one-to-one outside of your workplace? Our Tea Room offers the perfect spot: contact us for more details.

Venue Hire
Due to the size and rather intimate nature of our Tea Room, we are unable to host big parties or large corporate events. But we can offer a small, cosy space for a maximum of 15-20 people (seating only available for 15) to have a relaxing gathering, a birthday party, a business get together, or maybe a small exhibition, art show, discussion group, book club or auction…

Meetings, One-to-Ones, or Venue Hire – all of course with our superb selection of cakes, bakery goods, teas, and coffees… Why not host your event in a home away from home?