Privacy Policy

Key Points About Our Privacy Policy
  • The information we collect about you and the reasons we collect it
  • The legal basis we have for processing your information
  • The length of time we retain information about you
  • The rights and choices you have about your personal information

In the following clauses we clearly explain in detail how we comply with the above; that is how we handle your data from collecting through processing and storing to deletion / removal.

1. The identity and contact details of the data controller

Your data will primarily be controlled by:

Trading name: “First Floor Tea Room” operated by
NetTours Limited

Company registration number: 10865881

Trading address:
10c Church Street
RG21 7QE
United Kingdom

2. The contact details of the person in charge of data protection matters at our organisation

Mr. Andras Fixler
Managing Director
NetTours Limited
Phone: 01256 533484
Fax: 01256 533646

3. The reason we are processing your data and the legal basis on which we are processing it

When using our website, over the phone or via email we may collect your data, either electronically (by completing contact, order or reservation forms), or over the phone or in writing in form of an email, fax or postal letter. When you contact us in either formats you give us your consent to handle your data.

Your consent to data processing and/or holding will be tracked and documented, this will include when, how and for what purpose you have approved us using your data, as well as when, how and at what extent you tell us otherwise.

Data Processing
Processing your data is necessary to be able to handle your query and/or to provide the services you have initially enquired about.

Table reservations, online or offline food & beverage orders, events at our venue cannot be arranged and provided without obtaining certain personal details.

We may also use the postal and email address you give us to send you confirmation and billing documentation.

Your credit/debit card or other payment details may be used to take authorised payments for your arrangements/orders with us or to process refunds.

We need to understand any special requirements you have (such as those relating to any dietary requirement), so that we can check that the arrangements, food & beverage orders you have selected are appropriate for you.

We may pass selected information to organisations who act as “data processors” on our behalf in order to provide you with our services. These functions include direct marketing, administration, customer care, website hosting and the re-organisation/structuring/sale of our business.

These third parties have agreed to confidentiality obligations and to use any personal information we share with them or which they collect on our behalf solely for the purposes of providing their service to us.

If you would like to withdraw your consent to our use of the information as set out above, you should inform us as soon as possible by writing to us at the above address. But please note the implications if you withdraw your consent to us using your information as described. Without processing your data, we are unable to provide you with the services requested, in fact we cannot even fulfil your orders or arrangements.

Should you fail to provide us with the data requested, solely and simply we will be unable to provide services in your favour. In this case, we will have no choice but to reject your order / arrangements and all your details already collected will be deleted immediately. Should you still wish to make a reservation with / order from us or have an event arranged at our venue, a new enquiry will have to be initiated and be ready to provide us with the requested set of data.

We would also like to point out that NetTours Limited is not responsible for any incorrectly provided data, such as incorrectly spelled names, addresses and/or other contact details.

We will only use your information for marketing purposes if you give us your explicit consent (which we will collect separately). We will never share information about you with third parties for their own marketing purposes.

Data Holding (Storing)
If you have enquired about any of our products or services offered using our website, or over the phone, or via email or via any form of communication:

a) In case of materialisation (your enquiry converts into a reservation, order, or other arrangements with us):
When followed by your enquiry and our acceptance you decide to go ahead with the reservation, food & beverage order or event arrangements with the First Floor Tea Room (operated by NetTours Limited) that will be legally binding and in place till the completion of the confirmed services. Therefore, a customer file will be created for you, which we are obliged to keep for a longer period by different regulations.
We will keep all your data needed and used at the time of your reservation, order etc. for 1 year following the full completion of services or if we are obliged to hold customer files by the relevant legislations. Keeping your data means we will keep your file (physical / printed documentation) within our secure archives at our premises as well as  electronically in our reservation / POS systems. Some of these systems will autodelete your data within a shorter period, however data used for issuing invoices will not be deleted from our systems but might be anonymised.

We will always ask for your consent separately whether you would like to be included in our email list used for marketing purposes and based on your choice we will handle those data items accordingly, which should be limited to your name, email address provided (and IP address logged). We will keep this information on file and will approach you from time to time with our offers till you advise us otherwise, when we will do our utmost to remove and delete your details from such lists as soon as possible.

b) In case of non-materialisation (your enquiry is not converted into a reservation, order, or other arrangements with us):
Followed by your enquiry should you decide not to go ahead with your reservation, order or other arrangements with us, your details provided for the enquiry via any method (website, phone, email etc.) will be removed and deleted. However, if you have given us separate consent on our website and/or over the phone, via email etc. to be able to keep your name, email address (and IP address logged) for marketing purposes we will then keep only these data items on file and will approach you from time to time with our offers till you advise us otherwise, when we will do our utmost to remove and delete your details from such lists as soon as possible.

Payment Details
Under no circumstances will your payment details be kept on file (physically or electronically). After taking payment from you, your payment details will be deleted immediately. Therefore, in case of making a deposit followed by a balance payment your payment details will be requested each time. 

4. The applicable requirements to us for processing your data

a) The first requirement is that we need to process your data for the purposes of our legitimate interests or for those of a third party to whom we disclose it.

b) The second requirement, once the first has been established, is that the legitimate interests must be balanced against your interest.

c) Finally, the processing of your data under the legitimate interest’s condition must be fair and lawful and must comply with all the data protection principles such as transparency, accuracy, relevance and security.

Please find further information here:

5. The third parties we are sharing your data with

We are not sharing your details with any third-party providers, except for payment services / merchant acquirers when payment is made by debit/credit card.

6. Your data, your rights  

You have the right to obtain:

  • Confirmation that we process your data
  • Access to your personal data we hold

If you require access to your data, you should let us know in form of a signed postal letter sent to our trading address provided above. We will only accept your request if it is about your data and not another individual’s. According to the respective regulation (GDPR) we have a month after the receipt of your request to act upon it.

You are entitled to have your personal data rectified if you believe it is inaccurate or incomplete in our systems, however you need to let us know in form of a signed postal letter sent to our trading address provided above.*

Deletion or removal:
You can also request the deletion or removal of your personal data, where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing or being held. This is your “right to be forgotten”, however if we are still legally bound either in an order or other arrangements (e.g. venue hire) with you or other regulations require us to hold your data longer we may not be able to fulfil your request, but this will be explained to you in writing. Requesting a deletion or removal is only possible in form of a signed postal letter sent to our trading address provided above.*

Data portability:
You have the right to data portability, as long as the data you are requesting have been processed by us using IT automation. In such cases and if it is within a period, we are still obliged to keep e.g. your customer file you may request your order history you have had with us, including all details we store on our systems.
You may then be able to reuse this data elsewhere for your own purposes or transfer them to another service provider (data controller), therefore we can provide you the data still held on file in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format (e.g. a CSV file). To request data portability, you will need to write to us in form of a signed postal letter to our trading address provided above.*

* For our own protection and data safety we are unable to assist you with these requests received in any forms (phone, email, social media message etc.) other than a signed postal letter.

7. Data store locations

Your data will be stored:

  • Physical format: we are obliged to keep your customer files within our archives, located at our premises
  • Electronic format: as a hospitality establishment we use various systems to manage reservations / orders and accounts, issue invoices, receipts etc. as well as we use electronic mail to correspond with our customers. Our website also captures data – other than cookies  (please see the Cookie Policy in place by our website service provider here) when enquiring or ordering online. Many of these systems are provided to us by third parties, however we ensure that we select reliable and well-prepared partners to run our business and we also pay extra attention when it comes to data protection of our customers.

8. If you have a complaint about the processing / handling of your data

Should you have any concerns about the way we process, handle, or store your data and believe that we have not been able to overcome and rectify the situation after telling us you can contact the:

Information Commissioner’s Office

where NetTours Limited is registered as a data controller.